A Short Lesson On Appreciating The NOW

As I was getting in my daily 5 mile walk yesterday, I was also emailing a friend of mine. We both have had some of the same struggles in life weight wise in terms of gaining and losing, being and staying motivated, doing and not doing things that aren’t necessarily “healthy” for ourselves etc. and JSB, if you’re reading this, you know exactly what I’m talking about, lol!

The conversation topic was me renewing my subscription to the Bodybugg program and commenting on her joining weight watchers. Both weight management programs. I mentioned how although I complained about my body back in 1998-2000, when I was in the best shape I’ve ever been in (definition of that is eating right, working out regularly, actively doing the recreational things I love doing, etc.), I would KILL (or die) to get that back! To be the weight I was and have the body fat percentage I had then because now, I’m much heavier, my workouts are scattered and I have to work harder to get and stay motivated. Sucks, yes it does!

The lesson to be learned here is this: learn to find balance between wanting to improve who you are now and being appreciative that you aren’t worse off because six months from now you could be 50 pounds heavier with high blood pressure, diabetes or some disease that could have been prevented through lifestyle change and you’ll be thinking back to the heavy you’re so dissatisfied with today wishing you could go back to it.

Funny how life has a way of teaching lessons via retrospect. It’s up to us as to whether we choose to apply them.


Like-Minded People

This year I have written down a lot of goals. Most of them involve things that will help me be a better “me” on the inside and then theres the ones that will make me a more knowledgeable “me” such as things I want to learn but at the top of the list is the goal of surrounding myself with what I call like-minded people. In general, I’m what you call a loner. I have friends, but I prefer to be by myself most of the time however this year I’ve resolved to be more sociable and surround myself with people I have something in common with not just on an intellectual level but interests as well. I want to be around people who have goals and desires and aren’t just talking about them but actually getting up and aspiring towards them. Believe me, I know a lot of people right now who want this and want that, are going to do this, going to do that but it’s all talk! They don’t get off the couch or out the house or from in front of the computer long enough to make it happen. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally not knocking being in front of the computer half your life since I’m a computer junky myself. Even I had to find balance between getting out of the house and breathing the closest thing to fresh air and sitting in front of my PC (or laying back with my laptop).

My point is, although their are many different types of people in the world and you’re going to interact with many that you don’t have anything in common with, you have a choice as to who you hang out with and this year I’ve chosen to find people that – and this may sound crazy – have common sense and use it, are half way intelligent (80% would be even better), have goals that contribute positively to their life in order to improve who they are and who genuinely have similar interests that I do. (I hate the ones that pretend to like something and it just happens to be something you like, but it’s all in the name of impressing you or thinking it makes them look better, grrrrr! Such a pathetic waste of mind energy!)

Anyway, in closing, I just want to make sure that I’m not coming across as thinking that a person shouldn’t have a variety of friends with different tastes, backgrounds, intellect, etc. That’s definitely what I’m NOT saying. I just believe that if a person is at a certain place in life, that they shouldn’t be weighed down by people who aren’t there yet and refuse to do anything to improve upon it.

A Thousand Thoughts

2As usual, it’s the wee hours of the morning and i still have the ‘on/off’ switch in the up position so I decided to practice my blogging. This is my first time doing a blog and is actually one of the things I wanted to start doing this year as an accomplishment, but I’ll wait until I get a little better at it before crossing it off my list!

I’m sort of at a crossroads in my life. I’ve been training for 14 years and I feel like I’ve put in my time as a fitness trainer. I feel like it’s time to move on to the next level but to what? I know that I communicate well and have often thought of going in the direction of teaching health and fitness seminars but I know I would miss that one on one interaction with people. I’ve already experienced what that’s like when I trained strictly private clientele in their homes. For several years, my goal was to be able to have a place for people to come where I offered Health and Fitness in a complete package – H & F for the mind, body and soul. Nobody knows better than me that achieving peak health and fitness is more than just working out your body but it’s also about getting your mind and emotions right during the process too. Each one affects the other and in major ways.

Although it feels like all my hopes, dreams, desires, and motivation all went down the drain in 2005 when my mother died, I’m slowly getting it back together. Emphasis on SLOWLY! lol! This is not something I’ve thought about, but more of a strong feeling: ever since i turned 40, three days ago, Ive had a different, more exciting outlook on life. I’m comfortable in my skin now – that’s not to say that I don’t still go through the typical female dislikes pertaining to certain things about myself, inside and out, but overall I’m glad I’m no longer expected to keep up with the latest fashion trends like the teenagers do – i can wear WHATEVER, HOWEVER, and people won’t criticize. Because I can reflect back and remember the days when my eating disorder was at its worst during the first years I started training I’ve now come to a place where I know I’ll never be thin, but rather when I’m at my best I have a rockin athletic physique. Because part of my journey still takes me on the road to higher education which means being back in school I can feel proud that although I haven’t reached my destination, I’m still intelligent, empathetic, a good communicator, loyal, and very giving.

All these things are what makes up me. Of course I left the not-so-flattering parts out but hey………bottom line, I feel good about WHO I am, maybe not WHERE I am in life but WHO I am and where I have the potential to go definitely outweigh not being thrilled about WHERE I currently am but that’s what’ll get me through 2011 with everything crossed off on my “goals” list by the end of this year! I’m optimistic!

Quick Thoughts About My 2011








Today is 11 days into the new year and i have yet to make a move in the direction to accomplishing my goals. I realize that nothing will come TO you but that you have to go out and make things happen. My problem is motivation. For so many years, ive had the wrong motivation but now since im 2 days into being 40 (happy birthday to me) i have a new outlook on who i am, who i should be and who i can be! No longer is trying to fit the mold of what others think i should fit a priority – ok truthfully, it may not be a priority but it still crosses my mind! hey – being a fitness trainer means being a role model and thats all good and everything but sometimes i, and i know several other trainers too, get caught up in the hype and lose site of whats real, whats healthy, whats good for US!

I just turned 40 yesterday. Im excited! Im ready! Bring it on 2011!