Quick Thoughts About My 2011








Today is 11 days into the new year and i have yet to make a move in the direction to accomplishing my goals. I realize that nothing will come TO you but that you have to go out and make things happen. My problem is motivation. For so many years, ive had the wrong motivation but now since im 2 days into being 40 (happy birthday to me) i have a new outlook on who i am, who i should be and who i can be! No longer is trying to fit the mold of what others think i should fit a priority – ok truthfully, it may not be a priority but it still crosses my mind! hey – being a fitness trainer means being a role model and thats all good and everything but sometimes i, and i know several other trainers too, get caught up in the hype and lose site of whats real, whats healthy, whats good for US!

I just turned 40 yesterday. Im excited! Im ready! Bring it on 2011!

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