Analyzing The Three Little Kittens

This blog right here is on a very random topic. To some it may seem little ridiculous. Some may even ask “why does she even care?” and honestly, its just one of those things that caught my attention and has stayed in my mind as I have been watching nursery rhymes with my 16 month old granddaughter. Not long ago I was forced to endure several hours worth of these rhymes, some new some old, and even with the old ones I’ve realized that when I was growing up I was only getting a fraction of the entire rhyme. It was amazing to find out just how many verses there is in Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I don’t know why, maybe it had something to do with the mood that I was in, but when The Three Little Kittens came on something caught my attention. Actually, a lot of things in that nursery rhyme caught my attention. Let’s begin to break down what I would call the wrongness of that rhyme and mind you, I do realize that it is intended to entertain children of a very young age and that I am being very technical. First and foremost, why are kittens talking, let alone singing? Why are they running around in there Sunday best, wearing mittens? And my last mental conundrum I seem to be having borders on the question of, “does the crime fit the punishment?” I mean, you have three cats that obviously don’t know any better, hence the use of the word “kittens” who simply have lost a clothing accessory. Extreme mother or an abusive one? Im not really seeing a correlation between losing your mittens and not being able to have a slice of pie. How did they go from being “naughty” due to losing the mittens to next being “silly” for finding them? If anyone cares to shed some light or share their opinion about this or any other nursery rhyme, please feel free to do so and once again, this ‘observation’ was all done in fun.

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