The Basics of Me…..

Im an avid hiker, fitness trainer of 14 years, trail runner, and camper! used 2 kayak, mt bike and practice yoga – LOVE the outdoors, but am a loner 🙂 i like my peace and solitude, especially in nature! My GOALS (notice i didnt say ‘resolutions’) for 2011 are to make it all about ME! not in a selfish way, but rather in a way that focuses on making ME a healthier person – mentally, physically and emotionally! and yes, i have a list of things that i want to accomplish such as learning French or Italian, learning to play the guitar, learning about photography and taking a cooking class! But overall, you’ll find that my blogs are random and i treat them more like a sporadic online diary as i go up and down on this yo-yo called LIFE.  🙂


3 thoughts on “The Basics of Me…..

    • Your goals are really good ones. If I had to do my goals they would be 1) Don’t Drink or Use no Matter What. Once I reach my 1st year of sobriety I really want to work more with others; show them that there is a way back. 2) Grow more spiritually and learn more about how “My” God wants me to be and live and learn to do his will not mine. 3) Become more financially responsible.
      4) Live life!! Go out and do things I have never ever done; like hike Mt. Tam, fly to Vegas for the weekend; go on a cruise (May 2011) and fall in love. These goals may be silly to some but to me, they are the promises; the promises that are coming true for me.

      • Hey J!

        You have some AWESOME goals set for 2011! I know that you’ll achieve them, especially if you put God first! Keep up the good work because I KNOW that this is just the BEGINNING for you! Love ya!

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